The Struggle for Women’s Equality in Latin America

Money is a scarce commodity the world over, and if there is one area that gets women’s hackles up, it is wage discrimination. The wage gap between Latin American men and women is cause for anger. In fact, the status of women varies in the America’s, but the truth is in the modern 21st century, there are huge inequalities among women. In Latin America, women earn far less than men. It has been discovered that in Latin America, women’s experiences differ based on their ethnicity, their age, where they live if they have children, and what their citizenship status is.

shutterstock_152970557Equality on the Cards

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in women entering the formal workforce in Latin America. Read more about Latin America on and discover more about this area’s vibrancy, its very culture, its decadent cuisine and the rich and fascinating history. Unfortunately, the history still reveals that women are being relegated to informal sector jobs and that women and girls still battle to access education. They find themselves in jobs that pay very low wages. It is hoped that the Minister of Labour, as well as the Women’s Commissions, are going to work on this aspect to bring about equality.

Promote Gender Equality and Seize the Benefits

Businesses in Latin America are going to have to start understanding,and efforts need to be made around hiring and promoting women. There is still plenty that needs to be done for women’s equality as the economic benefits will be huge for Latin America. In Latin America legislature, there is only 1 woman for every 3 men. The fact is if women were to participate in the economy in the same way that men do, the boost to GDP could be $2.6 trillion. Businesses and government need to step up and start promoting gender equality if they want to seize the benefits that are being ignored at present.